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1. Although many of our clients have purchased a rental property and are enjoying great success with it, there are no guarantees with real estate, anything can happen, and we cannot guarantee that you will have the same experiences.

2. Also, please note that each person's investing success depends on their own efforts, market conditions at the time and economic enviorments that can change at any time.

3. You should know that every effort has been made to accurately represent the investing models we share.

4. We want to be extremely transparent with you. We are not lawyers or accountants. Any legal or financial advice is our opinion based on our own experiences. Always seek the advice of a licensed professional before acting on any real estate related decisions you may make.


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Our Clients in the Media...

Richard & Tania, Hamilton, ON

Gino & Matt Spada, Ridgeway, ON

Theresa Krupl, Scarborough, ON

Tony & Marilou Soria, Mississauga, ON

Hi, my name is Nick Karadza.

You may or may not of heard of me, or the company I started with my brother, Tom, called Rock Star Real Estate.

Over the years it has developed into “The place where real estate theory turns into real life results.”

It’s also gotten us and some investors we’ve worked with attention from local and national media as you can see to the right.

A comprehsive, easy-to-follow guide of lessons for investing in real estate in the Greater Toronto and Golden Horseshoe areas.

Sells for $30/month

That's $360.00 in savings!

Tom and Nick Karadza

Here's some feedback from people who have gotten the reports

Why Are We Giving These 52 Reports for FREE?

We hope that by sharing good, solid, fundamentally correct information with you that you may one day decide to work with our brokerage to buy, sell or invest in property. Simple as that. We believe in "giving first" as a way to show you we know our stuff!

What Can I Expect From Reading the 52 Weekly Reports?

Our goal is to give you insights into owning property that you may have never had before using actual examples and real-life case studies. We cover both the positive aspects of investing in real estate and the negative and have found that understanding both can be very helpful.

What Happens After I Sign Up for the Reports?

After you submit your email address we'll begin to email you one report a week for four weeks, completely free. You will also join the 24,893 subscribers receiving our free weekly email newsletter featuring real estate investing updates, articles & videos. What happens after that is completely up to you. If you'd like to request some case studies of clients we have worked with you're more than welcome to or if you'd just like your 52 weeks of reports and not doing anything else, well then of course, that's fine too.

What Should I Expect As Results?

Inside the reports, you will learn how to use a systematic process to analyze and find properties that can produce more in rental revenues than they cost in mortgage expenses. We also share actual case studies of people that have gone through this process themselves. And, if you are ever interested, you can reach out to us for even more client case studies - we're more than willing to share them.

"As a new investor, I have read many books, attended many seminars and have built up a lot of material that has a little or no value because of the lack of support needed to properly implement the srategies... They have put together not just reports but a learning experience that provides everything from start to finish."


- Bob Gordon, Burlington

"Nick and Tom with their team of professionals (mortgage brokers, lawyers, administrators etc.) not only walk the walk, but this is so unique you won't find anything else take you on a rewarding success journey! Bottom line: it is the most valuable, ultimate secret system for you and your family's properties. It has paid for itself more than anything else. I recommend it as the very best."

-Paul Morais, Oakville, Ontario

“These reports puts all of the real estate investment strategies into perspective – especially for beginning real estate investors.” 


- Chad Urbshott, Oakville

Rock Star team in front of their offices

Over the years we've written real estate reports, outlining EVERYTHING we've learned and come to know, and we want to share them with you. These reports have been written as an easy-to-digest resource all about real

estate investing. These reports, which are released weekly by email over the course of a year! Normally, these reports cost $30 a month, but now we're giving you the entire year of reports absolutely FREE!

Here's what is covered in the Reports:

  • Everything about 'Rent to Own' programs, including examples, leases, agreements, guides—everything—including real-life case studies, pictures, and examples.
  • Everything you need to know about investing in student rentals along with step-by-step instructions for maximizing your cash flow from day one!
  • Everything you need to know about buying multi-unit apartments. How CMHC works, how to run the numbers on these properties and you'll get to their own cash flow spreadsheets!
  • Everything we do to advertise properties to generate a rush of demand... we share the tools we use, the websites we visit, samples, ads, sample signs, sample posters, samples of everything!
  • How we do Joint Ventures properly to attract investors to you and we even share the actual agreements we use to protect everyone involved.
  • How to use corporations to maximize your wealth building and minimize your taxes... the right way!

The list goes on and on. We share everything in these reports.


  • Bonus#1: An interview with multi-millionaire condo developer Brad Lamb.
  • Bonus#2: An interview with Tom & Nick describing our personal productivity secrets we use ourselves every day!

Rock Star Real Estate is a real estate brokerage dedicated to working with investors. But it's not like any other brokerage. We are a team of collaborators, focusing on working together to share knowledge and experience with each other.

A Local Rock Star Event with hundreds of active investors in attendance


Get a new real estate investing report sent directly to your email inbox every week! 

It's our hope that by providing you with the very best information you'll become motivated to take action. You'll want to begin using real estate as an investment asset for yourself and your family.

Whether you decide to do business with us, or take the information and implement it yourself, our true goal is to inspire you to achieve financial freedom and live life on your terms!

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